AJ MilesEdit

AJ Miles is a proffessional e-fed wrestler currently signed to OLW, WSE and is the owner of NIWF e-fed founded in March 2013.

Debut, Singles Competition and Fandango Gimmick (December 2012-present)Edit

AJ Miles debuted on the Holiday Bash of 2012 but was defeated by RPS along side Matt Code in a triple threat match for the OLW title. On the second episode of OLW RAW, AJ was defeated along side Phantom in a triple threat match won my OLW champion Rated Peep Superstar. On the fifth episode of RAW, JA lost a #1 contenders battle royal match for the OLW championship after he was eliminated in the final 3 by Matt Code who went on to eliminate The Ato to win the match and face Rated Peep Superstar at New Years Resolution 2013 for the OLW title.

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