AdamEEF, is a proffessional efed wrestler currently signed to WSE, EFW, WS Outlaws and is the owner of his very own efed EEF, if you would like to join EEF, please visit AdamEEF's message wall.

WS Outlaws Teaming with Raj Singh and singles competition (October 2012-present)Edit

On December the 11th WS Outlaws Smackdown, Raj Singh and AdamEEF teamed up to take on the Team of Samir Cerebral Assassin and David Falcon for the vacant WS Outlaws Tag Team Championships but failed when David pinned Raj after a Future Shock. On The WS Outlaws Holiday Bash, AdamEEF defeated Riyan "The American Dragon" in a singles match. At the WS Outlaws Holiday Bash, Jason T broke Raj Singh's back, Adam called out Jason and insulted him for breaking Raj's back. The singles match was they made, Jason T vs Adam EEF which Adam defeated Jason T. On December the 22nd Smackdown, The Alpha Assassins defeated Best In The World and AdamEEF.