I hacked into Nexus's computer and found a text document of this, here you go


Our family is a pretty big family, when I was a kid I used to hang out with my cousin alot. She was like my best friend, I get along with her very well and still to this day we hang out, but when I was 16, we were at my grandparents house for the 4th of July, we went water tubing (my grandparents live right on the side of a huge lake) and after that we went up into the attic and dried off and we then talked about growing up and how things will change in our lives and we may never have times like this again, then she said she feels like she can tell me anything, and I said "Like what?" she replied "My secrets." I said "Wanna tell me a secret?" she said "Well, uhh...This sounds really weird....but I think I like you..." I said "What!?" she continued to tell me how she felt like I was her best friend and she wishes we weren't cousins so we could be girlfriend and boyfriend. I said "I always found you to be very pretty" and then it started getting weird, and we just started...kissing and uhh yeah...I know it's sick and disgusting, i'm 19 now, we only had sex that one time, never again. I still find her pretty and have feelings but we promised eachother we would never say a word, but I feel so guilty, I could use the excuse that we were just kids but seriously? Why would I have sex with my own family member? How do we tell our parents about this? I can't just hide it forever or i'll go insane. Please help us?