*Pyro hits as OLW RAW theme plays*

Michael Cole: Welcome to a special edition of OLW Raw, i'm here with my friend, Jerry "The King" Lawler

Jerry Lawler: Yeah Michael we're here tonight live in Baltimore, and OLW is back, we're no longer a Anime promotion, we're back to kick some ass!

Michael Cole: Yes Jerry, Alot of nice matches tonight featuring young talent and new managment, we'll see what we have in store!

Jerry Lawler: I can't wait!

Michael Cole: And Jerry don't forget tonight is a SUPERSHOW!

*Kyle Smith is seen in the back with his WHC*

*He is approached by OLW Champion, RPS*

RPS: Kyle, Tonight is a big night, OLW is going to put on a show

Kyle Smith: You know it

RPS: So tonight, I was thinking maybe me and you, face the tag team champions.

*SGA walks in*

Kyle Smith: Got a problem?

SGA: Yeah, I do... with you. Now, RPS you are asking for way to much. I will not allow you to come on RAW and demand a Smackdown championship.

RPS: Why!

SGA: I actually had other plans for you RPS, So in the Main Event I was thinking about a Champion vs. Champion match. You pick the champion.

Kyle Smith: Pick me.

SGA: Woah, Kyle vs RPS, OLW champ vs OLW WHC, I like it.

Kyle Smith: *gets in SGA's face* You better like it.

*RPS and Kyle shake hands*

Jerry Lawler: WOAH!

Match 1: Chris Xtreme vs The Ultimate Oppurtunist

After the match, The Ulimate Oppurtunist attacked Chris Xtreme and demanded a Intercontenal Championship match.

*The Ato is seen backstage talking to himself*

Matt Striker: Hey Ato, Um, I just wanted to inform you that you have a match tonight, and uhh, it's up next...

*Ato stares down Striker*

Ato: I'm....... hungry, *Ato clothlines Striker*

Match 2: The Ato vs Alberto Del Rio

*Matt Code walks down to the ring*

My name is Matt Code, and i'm a member of the ECW brand. To be here on RAW tonight is an honor... I love OLW and for this buiness to be back to normal is awesome!

*Interrupted by Samir and David*

David: Cut the crap, Me and Samir here wrestle on the Smackdown brand and we want someone in thkis ring, And you're in the ring, so why not you?

*David and Samir run to the ring and attack Matt*

*The Broski runs out and helps Matt*

SGA Comes out

SGA: Woah, woah woah! Stop this right now, all 4 of you! You know I will not accept this here on RAW. So all 4 of you are dressed, so all 4 of you can compete, How about you compete, um IDK, NOW!

Match 3: David Falcon and Samir Cerebral Assassin vs Matt Code and The Broski

Match 4: The Ghost Hunter vs Nexus

*RPS is seen backstage, warming up for his upcoming match*

AJ Miles: Well, look who it is, the coward of the century, ladies and gentleman it's Rated....Peep.....

RPS: SHUT UP, You're jealous, now after my match tonight, I'm going to beat you, and retain my championship.

AJ Miles: Good luck with that

*RPS spears AJ Miles*

RPS: Jeez man, Thanks